October 10, 2014


Goshhhh... it feels like ages since I last wrote in here. And it's been on my mind everyday... but the fact is that if it feels like a chore, I shouldn't be doing it. Don't get me wrong, fashion is one of the things I love THE most but blogging is not as easy as it seems. First of all it takes a lot of time, and if you want to be original it takes 100x times more. If your mac is slow as f$&% it can be nerve wreking, and if you're doing year 12 (here known as 2nd of Bachillerato) it's simply (almost) impossible to blog. Well, to blog is not impossible but to blog "in conditions" definitely is, and since I don't like mediocre things I will be not blogging as much this year. Every time to time I'll write something here & there but I'm trying to focus on school stuff more this year. Because it's my last year before university and I have to give my best. Of course I check instagram, other blogs and news daily and I keep my tumblr really active (which you should definitely check out!), I read blogs and magazines, even fashion (and not fashion) books (I just finished IT, by Alexa Chung) and everything related to the fashion industry amazes me so much (a.k.a thanks god for Fashion TV and the documentaries that show how though and complicated (but really amazing and passionate) fashion world can be. So as I was saying I won't be posting as much as I did when I first started this blog but I will not delete it (that's for sure). There are lots of things that catch my attention and that take my breath away... and my closest family members and friends know them well... notice me: the girl who loves fashion but also loves politics and healthy food and dancing and singing and shopping and design andandandand a.k.a me... the occasional blogger (ON Blogger platform since on my tumblr I blog daily). I love to write and it's almost an addiction, since it keeps your head clear and organized, just how I like everything in life. Sounds good, sounds free, she's an occasional blogger, the one who writes things for the internet whenever she has the moment and the motivation, whenever she's ready to give her best.

AS I SAID MY TUMBLR IS ALWAYS ACTIVE: (so check it out and give a follow, you won't regret it;) I also answer all kinds of questions there if you're interested ) 

Just to keep going with this post some (very few) of my September/October favourites: 

MILANO FASHION WEEK MOSCHINO BARBIE MOMENT... see more here and here. (I also loved the MileyxJeremy moment in NY)

Totally lusting over that IPHONE cover!!! Someone interested in sending me one?;)


Karl Lagerfeld is a genious, in case you didn't already knew, and so he did a show that was related to what is happening at the moment. All of the models protested and manifested their love for freedom, girl power and other quotes that define and relate to the women power. You may have seen it but it's so good you may want to see it again...


"If not me, who? If not now, when?"


Love, Janira x

September 1, 2014


LOVE (UK), VOGUE (SPAIN), ELLE (SPAIN), my choices for this month.

VOGUE COLECCIONES Y ELLE FASHION BOOK, los dos ediciones especiales para los números de Septiembre.

Good morning September! It's a new month which means new things and a fresh start (WHICH IS SOOO GREAT), but also means going back to reality (after months of summer, hashtag summertime sadness). Anyways, September is a month which has a special place in my heart because fashion week madness starts (with New York in first place, yayyyy). Also magazines come out with the SEPTEMBER ISSUE which is known in the fashion industry as the biggest issue filled with pages of inspiration and trends for the upcoming fall/winter. It's such a deal that there's even a documentary about it CLICK HERE, YOU WON'T REGRET WATCHING IT.

Stay tuned!!!

Buenos días Septiembre! Es un mes nuevo, lo que significa cosas nuevas y comienzos frescos;) Aunque signifique también dejar atrás las largas noches de verano, el mar, (en mi caso) largos días pateando Barcelona (en especial mi queridísimo Passeig de Gràcia)... anyways Septiembre siempre ha sido un mes especial para mi porque empieza la Fashion Weeeeeeeeek (con Nueva York en primer lugar) y eso siempre siempre siempre es motivo de alegria;) Oh y las revistas de este mes siempre vienen cargaditas de inspiración y de tendencias nuevas que hacen que definitivamente esté esperando con los brazos abiertos el frío! Todos los buenos amantes de la moda saben que este mes además es muy especial para las dichas revistas ya que la elección de portada y de contenido es especialmente mirada y criticada por los medios, hay incluso un documental sobre ello, CLICAD AQUÍ PARA DISFRUTARLO!

Stay tuned!!!

Love, Janira x

August 17, 2014


Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Not necessarily lovers, not necessarily from opposite genders, here you have some of the couples that I find more inspiring and that no matter what gossip pages or magazines tell about them they'll keep on shining! 

"Cuando una pareja se ama y uno o los dos hacen un buen trabajo, la gente se siente atraída hacia ellos como los pájaros de noche ante la luz de un faro." Hemingway.

Dean & Dan Carter, creators of Dsquared2

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

Shakira & Piqué

The Beckhams

Michelle and Barak Obama

The Olsen twins

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huelb

Love, Janira x

August 7, 2014

s u n g l a s s e s

Hot summer dayz, mid July when you and I were forever... blinded by the sun (notice how poetic is my speech inspired by Lana). Basically that's what happens on summer and a great way to avoid it (with style) is just wearing some kick-ass sunglasses! Get inspired x

Love, Janira x

July 25, 2014


My absolute Paris Haute Couture favourite this year has been, without doubt Zuhair Murad! Eventhough Dior, Chanel, Elie Saab, Versace and Azzaro were great too, but Zuhair Murad was, in my opinion, the absolute best. When I think of Haute Couture, a dress from Zuhair Murad is the perfect graphic definition, don't you think so? 

Enjoy the pictures and the videos, as I always say, hopefully one day I'd proudly say that they were done by me, for now let's be thankful for the internet to exist;)

Love, Janira x 

July 22, 2014

Answers answers, questions questions...

Little Q&A that I found on tumblr (remember that you can follow me here) Hope that you enjoy geting to know me a little bit better and feel free to answer them too!!!

1.What's your favourite movie?
Don't have one in particular but I loved "The Black Swan", "Orphan", "Insidious" (both 1 and 2), "Stuck in love" and "Valentine's Day". 
2.Describe your apparance in five words.
Blonde, brown-eyed and kissable lips ;)
3.If you had a double ticket to go to any concert you wanted to, where would you go and witth who?
Coachella w/ my bestie(s) or Beyoncé w/ my bestie (s).
4.Favourite colour for a mornig walk in the center of town?
Either; Black/ Some cool print/ Light one.
5.Suncream or tan oil?
Suncream team! 
6.What have you done that you are really proud of?
Self-motivating me, following a healthy lifestyle and not having tried a single cigarrette in my life.
7.Mountain or sea for summer holiday?
8.Full body swimsuit or bikini?
9.What is that thing that attracts you to a person male or feamale (gives you a good impression)?
Their passion, the way they are dressed and the kind of lifestyle they follow.
10.If you could change one thing about you either in your personality or your physical apperance, would you and what?
I guess we all have things that we would like to change and we should work on them everyday as well as learning to accept ourselves so... I would love to have perfect porcelain skin and to be a little bit more tall (and thinner) and to be confident with every situation and to have a really strong willpower and to be able to show everyone how much I love them and you know all this kind of things but I can proudly say that I am happy with who I am and that if I want to change is just to improve and better myself, to give my best in every situation:D
11.Would you like to become famous for your beauty, your achievements or your fortune?
For all of them!!!Jk... probably for my achievements. 

1.Describe yourself with one word.
Dreamer (&doer)
2.Pizza or nachos?
Nachos! (with all of its dressings! yummyyyyy!)
3.Twitter or instagram?
Duh...hard one but probably Instagram.
4.Last book you read?
"Las pequeñas grandes cosas" by Tom Peters. (such a great one btw)
5.Favorite book you read?
Perks of being a wallflower & The fault in our stars have been some of the most recent books that I've read and that I've really enjoyed but I think that I still have to find my ultimate favourite haha. 
6.Do you have a quote to live by?
Not one but I really like "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and "Give and deliver value".
7.Are you happy?
8.When you look in the mirror what do you see?
A girl who wants to do 3000000000x100 things and dreams with her eyes open.
9.Favourite band?
Don't have one in particular but I guess I really like Coldplay, Fun, The Passengers... (my music taste is pretty basic I guess, I adore Beyoncé, Lorde, Lana del Rey etc.)
10.If you were a food, what would you be?
I'd most likely be one big beautiful round organically grown watermelon. 
11.What are your dreams?
To live a life full of prupose, passion, experiences and to give and deliver value to the society we live in. Travel the world!!! (and 10M more things which would make this post the bible 2)

And to end this... a beautiful song from M83 a band which I recently discovered...

Love, Janira x

July 12, 2014


So... this last June "Des dels ulls d'un coach" ETV ended the season (which in case you don't know it's the program in which I've been participating since last november 2013) and here you have the last 5 episodes! It has been a great great PLEASURE to take part of this opportunity and it has made me grow so much that I can't wait to start aging this October and do it as best as I can (haha I've been watching all my programs in order to improve my skills, looks and topics, which means more interesting and better quality interventions are coming!) So stay tuned and wait for more and better programs (and behind the scenes pictures) this fall! ;) 

And once again... thanks so much to the ETV staff, my dad, and everyone who makes this possible!

Así que este Junio se acabó la temporada de "Des dels ulls d'un coach" en ETV (que en el caso que no lo sepáis es el programa en el que llevo participando desde el noviembre del 2013) y aquí os dejo con los últimos episodios! Ha sido un placer poder participar en este proyecto y me ha hecho crecer tantísimo como persona que estoy impaciente para que este Octubre vuelva a empezar para hacerlo lo mejor posible! He estado mirando todos los programas para ver mis errores, mejorar mis looks y poder traer material más interesante para todos, así que prometo que lo que viene va a ser muy interesante! Nota Mental: Janira or-ga-ni-za-te y podrás lograrlo todo! Así que ya veréis;) 

No me queda nada más que decir que dar las gracias más sinceras desde el fondo de mi corazón a todo el equipo de ETV, a mi padre y a todos los que han hecho posible este proyecto! Gracias!!!